Who We Are

This website/e-store is created and developed by three youth Entrepreneur. They are the owner and Entrepreneurs. The founder is all small business owner. They can manage and make a success to this e-store. They always want to change to the image of the country and business. To make a batter country they want to work hard and to join all other youth community to move forward.

“Let us heal and grow. we will not be alone forever. We are unstoppable. We don’t be afraid to show. what are we doing for.¬† This is what we know. Here we come back to life, we are still breathing. Everyone will get up. Oh, all you need to know is that we hold on. Even if we fall, we will rise and We will follow the path we believe in. we won’t stop until we reach. You only need to know that we’re holding on…”


About Our Shop

Happyponno is our e-commerce website. Which sells your favourite product to you. Our aim is to bring you good quality products through our mobile/website application. Your products will be delivered to you as soon as you ordered. We will do our best to get your product to your hand in the best and better way.

Our website/mobile app can be used on your smartphone and our e-commerce link (https://happyponno.com) in any browser on your smartphone/PC/Laptop. Our organization is 100% local and our marketing activities are conducted in our country. We offer all kinds of Desi and foreign products . We show our Deshi products to you with the same importance as foreign products. The main purpose of our program is to present to you the backward and of the past Bengal and the country’s fine arts and handicrafts with equal importance.

Hopefully, we will be able to give you a wonderful shopping experience and bring you back in the advanced and quality to give a new wonderful shopping experience again.


Our Main Goal

our main goal is to bring back and merge old and new Bengali traditions products and sell to you in best way and at a cheapest price so that you can afford it and be happy and proud to be one of the collectors of traditional products. Through which all the traditional and current handicraft products of Bengal can go back to their former stage. Also, our main mission is to present you the unique ideas of products that you cannot find in the regular market in every day of life. We can offer you with the best and unique ideas of products that you want or you like to be collect one. The best marketplace is not the biggest marketplace. The product is the main¬† value for any marketplace…


Thank You.

Happyponno Online Shop.